Welcome to simon saiz!

simonsaiz has started around 1994 in Mönchengladbach, Germany.
Our music is inspired by the old RedHotChilliPeppers, James Brown grooves, some Reggae and German Hip Hop from the mid 90th.
And, we do play our stuff with a Rock´n´Roll attitude to make sure it does not sound to elaborated or clean.

Check out our stuff here.

simon saiz are:
Tobias Teismann: Drums
Joachim Simon: Guitar, Vocals
Christoph Vieth: Saxophone, Vocals
Christoph Simon: Bass

Legal Note:
simonsaiz music is published under the creative commons license.
You are invited to share and remix our work. Please do not use it commercially.

Creative Commons License
We do not support GEMA because it makes music unfree.
We are against Digital Rights Management (DRM) because it makes no sense.
Download and share.
Podcasters welcome.